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Kizomba de Dentro

Original price was: €6.99.Current price is: €4.99.

Afro-Caribbean Kizomba from within.

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Product Description

Close your eyes and feel the Caribbean soul of HeartBeats Pro in Kizomba de Dentro (Kizomba from Within).

HeartBeats Pro: ‘Music truly is a universal language I need & love to speak where words leave off. It connects us all, beautifully expressed in dance.’

Divi Divi Tree

The sun in my heart
Leads me every beat
The roots of my soul
Carry me off my feet

Holding my ground
I bow not to break
Gracefully I submit
To the wind I can take

Blow through my hair
Hold forever in the air
Notes shaped in me
A Divi Divi tree

HeartBeats Pro


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